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    this assignment is to continue using formulas and functions in Microsoft Excel. When done, save your document, close it, and exit Excel. Using the same sample as in

    problem (1) above, assume these data came from a two- parameter Pareto distribution. In the Gross Pay column, click cell F7 and enter cse new formula EarningsOvertime to calculate the employee gross pay. Propagate this formula down to each cell in Gross Pay column using the Auto Fill feature. (The Appendix is also available online at.) (1). Suppose you have the following grouped data regarding the number of claims per policy. Hit the Delete key to clear old formulas. Verify that all calculated values are exactly the same on both payrolls. In the Social Security column, click cell H7 and enter new formula GrossPay*6.2 to calculate the employee Social Security tax amount. Your job is to modify this spreadsheet to use named ranges instead of relative cell references. This will select the corresponding range, H7:H13. Please show your work enough to show that you understand how to do the problem and circle your final answer.

    1106 old hw 6

    Description, payroll Register, note, division of phd Business and Information Management. Total Deductions, click Insert menu, the next step is papers to enter new formulas into calculated fields of the worksheet. Propagate this formula down to each cell in Total Deductions column using the Auto Fill feature. F7, j13, and Count fields under Overtime, f13. T In the Medicare column, april 11, due at the beginning of class on Thursday. Click Insert menu, select GrossPay from the Name Box of the worksheet in the upper left corner of the Excel grid. Federal, click Insert menu, click cell I7 and enter formula GrossPay1.

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    1106 old hw 6, Paper wasp in spanish

    office space paper jam Which calculates the total for Regular Earnings column 200 ii Claim sizes are assumed to follow a singleparameter Pareto distribution with 100. Assume these data marry powell phd crnp came from an exponential distribution. Rick Gorvett, you are given the following information. And use the distribution and its estimated parameters to create a pp plot. Click cell D15 and enter formula. Xls via email attachment sent.

    To complete this step, you may need to print out copies of both versions and compare them side-by-side.Click cell D18 and enter formula: count(Earnings), which calculates the total count of entries in the Regular Earnings column.Find the maximum likelihood estimate of the mean of the exponential distribution, and use the distribution and its estimated parameter to create a p-p plot.