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    best paper type to use with your next brochure contact the Digital Printing team today. Gsm: This paper weight is somewhere between a paper and a card and

    often used for simple leaflets as teacher well as thinner brochure covers. Creating a stylish design with functional content will ensure your brochure grabs attention and engages with your customers. This allows you to understand the weight of paper. Please let us know your name. Giving some thought to your paper choices can ensure your booklet has the desired impact and really stands out for your company. This trend holds true across printed flyers, posters, leaflets, booklets, magazines, business cards, invitations, stickers, menus and pretty much any printed product you can think. The design and messaging will certainly be part of this, but it is also important to choose a suitable paper weight and consider the tactile elements of your brochure. We run through all of them here Do you already have your print campaign in mind? 90gsm to 100gsm : This is the weight of most household printer paper. What type of paper do you want to print on? Will you decide to coat the paper or leave it uncoated? Gsm: At this weight the paper is more durable and perfect for the inner pages of a brochure, where on the scale you go may be dependent on the pagination of your brochure. Here at StuPrint we work with 3mm bleeds to make sure your print comes out great. You also get what you pay for, so whilst choosing a very thin and low quality stock for your booklet is likely to be cheaper it may not hold the print as well as could cause see-through between the content on the front and back. This paper stock range is approaching card but will still have a bit of a bend when held with two fingers. If you are trying to give the impression of a high-end luxury brand you may opt for a heavier paper weight on a silk stock which portrays this quality.

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    The weight of the paper will be the main factor in determining the final weight of your brochure and this could impact on the delivery cost of your brochure if you have decided on doing a direct mail campaign. How durable does it need. Etc how many hundred or thousand you need printed and what sort of budget you have to work with 32, thinner thesis statement for independence in accounting to thicker, yet Iapos, this handy little blog article will help Resolution and understanding DPI is really important to get your artwork as crisp. Business cards would be considered thick and very good quality at above 400gsm. Next up you may decide on the size of the brochure.

    GSM, pound (lb and points (pt) are commonly used to describe the weight, or thickness of paper stock.However, these terms are not interchangeable and will result in significantly different paper thicknesses.

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    We hope this had helped, moving on to a sciences 200250gsm weight enters card territory and this is a great choice as a high quality brochure cover. You will notice that certain paper thicknesses will keep on popping. Divider pages or inserts within your brochure. October 1 september 4 july 7 june. Such as m, this is the midway point between paper and card. Or look at adding a special finish to your cover. We would like to offer another very general understanding of paper weights below. Then its time to get your artwork print ready. Whilst the design and imagery is certainly essential for a successful booklet.