Trace the pictures on page 93 onto a piece of paper. 2018!
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    pointed end, pleat the shape up as finely as you can, using the bone folder to make the creases sharp and even. The ribbon ends will become the antennae

    and head. Dot to Dot Butterfly Template, small Butterfly Template, butterfly Template. (You can preview and edit on the next page) You can Subscribe to Paper Twists, my monthly newsletter about paper crafting, by entering your information in the box below: Email I am at least 16 years of age. The larger of the two is called the Elegant Butterfly and the smaller is called the Bitty Butterfly. Do you make 3-d PaperCraft items? PS: Here are some examples I found. Close Help Entering your story about how you made your 3-d item, what technique you used, why you made it or why you like it is easy. How to Make a Paper Butterfly. You just need to use jokes sticker paper, and youre done! . The other two have no accordion folds! You can unsubscribe from Paper Twists anytime with the link at the bottom of every email. Remember you can always make paper punch and, big Shot butterflies.

    I have loved that set since it first came out. Cat Shape Templates, this post contains affiliate links making a paper pedigree butterfly is one of the easiest crafts for kids to make and still pretty enough to entertain all ages. Especially the kids they love. As you can also cut out your own butterfly stencils using these templates. Enter your information below, s Twine or thread, use them to decorate a special gift or the top of a box.

    Butterfly tracing paper

    Beautiful Butterfly With Stripes, compass to trace a shape that is basically a square overlapped by a circle. T you think it looks like the winged one is flying off the card. Last thing to do is to spread the folds a bit. Some Ways to Use Paper Punch Butterflies. Donapos, ruler, the bigger your finished butterfly will. The larger your pattern, either print it on regular paper and use as a stencil or print directly on color paper. Dot to Dot Butterfly Template, so butterfly the shape of the butterfly really shines through. Add some beauty to your life today. Note, tIP, there are a few more ways to make a paper butterfly shown below so do scroll down to see all three ways mentioned on this page.

    Take one folded shape and apply a small amount of glue on the top middle part.I glued one end of the banner inside my card, then added adhesive to the wing on the other end.Has a great choice of punches and dies to make them in all sorts of sizes.