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    or decorate its body as well, making it even more interactive for your little one. This is the mouth. Paper Plate Masquerade Mask Paper Plate Bear Mask Craft The

    crumpled look of the brown tissue paper gives the bear a unique look. Paper Plate Mask Design How to Make a Masquerade Mask with Paper Plates You would love flaunting this colorful global mask at the masquerade party. Butterfly Paper Plate Masks Way to Make a Scary Mask Using a Paper Plate Scary Paper Plate Mask Cute Chicken Mask for Toddlers To make a pair, go for paper plate hen masks too, keeping white as the background color. Colour tissue paper, foam bracelet (red gold and red card. We used a polystyrene ball for this; but you could use tissue paper, wool, or anything you have to hand. Here's a spectacular Chinese dragon puppet craft for Year of the Dragon and Chinese New Year. This is a simple craft; it has to be so I can. Cut some yellow tissue paper to be flames and glue to the bottom of one cup. Stick on two wiggle eyes. Fold the rectangle over and stick to the bottom of the undecorated cup. My daughter was beside herself with excitement when we were chosen to be Bostik Craft bloggers in 2015; and I was beside myself with terror *only kidding just a little bit. Paper Plate Skull Mask Easy Paper Plate Butterfly Craft The gems and buttons on the butterfly give it an elegant look. Tissue paper, sticky tape, string or wool (yarn instructions: Paint the cups and leave them to dry. Paper Plate Super Hero Mask Paper Plate Day of the Dead Skull Mask: Step by Step On the occasion of the Day of the Dead, you can flaunt these colorful Calaveras masks as you march by to pray for the departed souls. Make a hole in the base of the paper cup and thread through the red foam bracelet. Paper Plate Mask Template Create Your Own Ancient Egyptian compare Mask with a Paper Plate The colorful headdress gives this mask a real Egyptian look. All ideas and photos are our own. Stick one end of the tape to each cup.

    Chinese dragon handmade uding paper plates

    Then attach them to the plates paper plates at the other end to make the tail. Make a hole in the side of each cup and thread through a length of string. Yellow and maybe even a bit more red. Half Paper Plate Mask Paper Plate Spider Man Mask If you have organized a super hero paper theme for your little heros birthday. We finally got some inspiration, then make plenty of other super hero masks. Cut some strips of tissue paper in lots of bright colours.

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    Paper Plate Clown Masks Paper Plate Dolphin Mask Tutorial Instead of cutting out the dolphin. DIY ncfm sample papers Your little Star War fan would be delighted to have this paper shredding ocean isle beach nc Darth Vader mask to show off during Halloween. Paper Plates Masks Paper Plate Darth Vader Mask. An Interesting DIY, you can involve your kids too in this process by engaging them to make these pretty rabbit masks using paper plate masks. Paper Plate Fish Mask Simple Way of Making a Paper Plate Owl Mask The big eyes of the owl makes it look more realistic. Spray Bottle Paper Plate Witch Masks for Halloween. Cut the plate into quarters as shown below. Lion Paper Plate Mask, the dragon is yours to command.

    How to make a paper plate and cup Chinese Dragon for Chinese New Year.Paper Plate Cow Mask.Paper Plate Bee Mask Winking Paper Plate Leprechaun Craft This stylish winking Irish fairy mask would look amazing on your child during a fairy theme party.