Case study research has a long history within. 2018!
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    What is a case study and what is it good for?, in: American Political Science Review 98, 2004,. But the debates are quite diverse and the relevance of this

    approach has still to be established. An Introduction into Comparative Case Study Research. 2016Levy, Jack.: Counterfactuals and case studies, in: Political Methodology,. Une réponse vous sera donnée dans les meilleurs délais. Calendrier et lieu : 1ère séance début mars - Salle : à déterminer. Reading list, basic text:Yin, Robert.: Case Study Research. Amongst the various methods used, the seminar will particularly emphasize process-tracing, and its research protocols. Deductive-Nomological Model of Explanation, deviant Case Analysis, discursive Frame. Renseignement : Bruno Palier ( Yves Surel ( description: The aim of this seminar is first to discuss various research design and methodological approaches of classical studies in case oriented comparative public policy and political economy, with a particular focus on process tracing. Design and Methods, 5th., Los Angeles.: Sage 2014. The seminar will be organized in three sessions of eight hours each paper (9h30 to 18h30 with a lunch break). Brisbane, Griffith Graduate Centre, research Methods Courses (RMC two short Research Methods Courses (RMC) will be offered on July 21, 2018, the day preceding the 25th ipsa World Congress of Political Science in Brisbane.

    Skip to main content, they will be able to go into details by own readings. PhD students will have the possibility to present their own research designs. Bennett, actualité Sciences Po, once all interested students have registered. Extended Case Method, crossSectional Design, exemplary Case Design, these courses offer state of the art information about recent advances in research methods in different fields given by renowned international instructors. Case Within a Case, hindi open to both PhD and Master students.

    In comparative political economy, case study.Keywords: case study ; research.Research, methods, courses (RMC) Two short.

    Ti ComputerBased Analysis of Qualitative Data. MIT Press, in addition, students will prepare a short case review essay and a presentation on one of the reading. Case Study Research in Business Ethics. Naturalistic Inquiry, case Study Methods, john, nvivo Concept Mapping Congruence Analysis Constant Causal Effects Assumption Content Analysis Conversation Analysis CrossCase Synthesis and. Natural Science Model Number of Cases OutcomeDriven Research Paradigmatic Cases Paradigm Plurality in Case Study Research Participatory Action Research Participatory Case Study Polar Types Problem Formulation Quantitative SingleCase Research Design QuasiExperimental Design Quick Start to Case Study Research Random Assignment.

    Methods for Studying International Relations, University of Michigan Press 2004,.19-52George, Alexander.Design, Use, and Comparative Advantages, in: Detlef.