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    scrapbooking ideas here and you will soon notice a trend). I would love to see what how yours turned out. Glue at an angle towards the bottom left corner

    of your photo, as shown above. Do you like this scrapbooking idea with We R Memory Keepers Explore scrapbooking papers? Cut out another star shape from green cardstock. Use the Scenic Route Newport Jade Big Dots paper as your background. When dry, adhere it to your background approximately 2cm from the top and up against your striped paper from the previous step. Glue at an angle in the top right corner of your page, as shown above. I also used pink scrapbook paper for the nose, cheeks, and insides flowers of the ears, and drew in a mouth with a black marker. Step 6 Mat your photos as you wish and arrange on the page. Cut a strip from the underside of Newport White Script paper approximately.5cm wide. So, I traced the tail on yellow cardstock and painted it brown so that it will blend right into the color of the box. This will be the Right page of your 2 page 12 x 12 Scrapbooking Layout. We R Memory Keepers Exp Swirls Paper Pack, as shown above and glue down the right side of your photo. I chose this ribbon to kind of make a great organic contrast to the quirkiness of the monkey. Do you like this scrapbooking idea using Scenic Route paper? Cut two pieces of Explore Dots paper from. It should be about 9cm across. Finally, cut out your title from yellow cardstock. The design is still a strong linear onee but I have used two large scrolls to soften it and give it a sense of flow. Using a brown pen, draw a border of dots and lines all the way around the edges. Newport, scenic Route Paper offers a richness of colour that brings your layouts to life. You can either shrink the size or enlarge it to custom fit the size of your box. Page 71, Size 4 Cut the Phrase, Phrase Shadow and Phrase Shift. Glue the remaining piece from Step #5 horizontally towards the top of your page. For the belly, trace the heart phd on the belly part, then use an X-acto knife to cut the heart away. Step 6: Monkey Face, for the monkey face, I used dark brown scrapbook paper for the main part. Winter Frolic Cartridge, a quilted Christmas Cartridge 2 12 x 12 Dark Blue Cardstock (you will have to hand draw your star) or 2 pieces of 12 x 12 Printed Scrapbook Paper: Base for your Layout 2 12 x 12 Dark Brown Cardstock: Photo Mats.

    Cut out the shapes, nativity Angel, if you want to try using scrolls on your layouts but arent sure what. Ink the edges of both scrolls with dark brown ink and when dry. Using brown ink, making sure the script is horizontal. Thinly mat your horizontal photos with white cardstock and arrange on top dell printer paper jam 077-900 of the script paper as shown above. Glue one in the top left corner and the other in the bottom left corner.

    The box is ready to be stuffed with Valentines for Valentineapos. Cut dark brown scrapbook paper and trace the" joseph, s Day. Ink around the edges with dark brown ink and set aside to dry.

    Then, I glued the parts together.Page 51, Size 6- Cut Joseph, Sift Joseph, Layer 3, Sift Layer 1, Layer.