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    present the career using the same outline as your paper. Occupational Profiles get the inside scoop on the compensation, career path, skills required, and other key information of

    hot occupations. This is a site for people who have a strong passion or interest, but arent sure exactly how to turn that passion into a career into a career you will love. Did I like consulting and coaching about teaching? A must stop for those searching for a direction and a measure of your personality, skills, abilities, and interests. Career Research Checklist as you begin researching career paths, using this checklist will help you take advantage of the many resources available for learning about different careers. Collect research materials from the library and internet. You will also be presenting your career choice to your class. Eureka a great tool for students and your families to learn more about yourself, as well as career exploration, career information, skills and career assessments, and a search system for locating colleges, universities, and trade schools that best match your needs. Uvisor offers job-seekers a five-step process for finding the right career and right job, from Define Yourself (where you provide basic information about yourself) to Get Hired (an automated job matching service based on your personal data). For example, after participating in our teaching centers organizational change effort to place value on teaching on a research university campus, did I want to now apply my skills to rethinking how we prepare doctoral students for their career possibilities? Why was that such a pivotal moment for me? The University of Michigan has employed Gales activity in several professional development programs. Because my interviewer had uncovered a core professional value of which I was not conscious. Much of the conversation - and even my own advice - about career exploration focuses on skills and the importance of identifying your own skills. We consulted with graduate student peers across the campus on their teaching and engaged in dialogue about our consulting practices. As I imagined the contexts in which I most frequently was supporting and advocating for others, I realized that I engaged in coaching in my teaching center work, significantly more than my disciplinary candle teaching. Job-seekers can also search for job listings directly (using keyword, location, industry). Collaborative Futures: Critical Reflections on Publicly Active Graduate Education outlines each reflection step of this exercise carefully. Career Exploration is an important part of your high school education because it gives you a focus for the ere are many choices such as: the military, college, junior college, a trade school, a technical school, or right into a job. Gaining Clarity on Values, in any career exploration or job search, I suggest reflection before, during and after new professional experiences. Will this occupation provide enough income for you to live as you plan? As I was, the students with whom I work are strongly motivated by their core values. Merriam-Webster definition of relative worth, utility or importance, but rather the way that social psychologist Daphna Oyserman defines them in her chapter Values, psychological perspectives in the. Sloan Career Cornerstone Center a comprehensive resource center for those interested in careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It involved partnering with a colleague and taking turns playing the role of interviewer. One student even said that, several years after he did the exercise, he keeps the drawing he created pinned on his wall as a reminder of his central commitments and the types of professional roles he would like to pursue. What personal values does this career provide that are important to you? Using a swot Analysis in Your Career Planning shows how a key strategic planning tool can be successfully applied to marketing yourself and advancing your career. First, you want to discover your core value(s about which you may already have a strong sense or - as in my case as a midcareer graduate student - you may not have full clarity. Or would I enjoy consulting and coaching about career development just as much? Your paper should be in MLA 8 format with a Works Cited page and IN-text citations. Will I be able to pay back expenses for required education? Although you may not be trained in the formal method of generative interviewing, you can take insights from the generative interviewing framework and use its technique of asking powerful questions and telling stories to help you identify your core professional values. What are you doing with your life?

    And lists of organizations that can provide additional information. Job forecasts, and related professions, why does this career fit your personality. Career profiles, majors and Career Profiles browse specific jobs within general career categories and learn about working conditions. Working conditions, synthesize and look for themes in your responses to these four powerful examples questions. Examples, what schools offer this sort of training. What was a pivotal moment for you as a professional. Would you travel, helping others, employment, challenging What are some important skills your career requires. Employment outlook, and much more, status, occupation. If you are seeking an indepth.

    (Examples: security, h aving fun, status, helping others, challenging) What are some important.Kory Gill comm 499 Career Exploration paper I want to be a market.For example, I could increase my chances in becoming a marketing.

    Values help origami paper doll instructions to guide your choices and make meaning of patterns. That sparked the beginning of my serious pursuit of educational development as a career path. M providing students with tools you can use to help identify careers that match your skills. Job Shadowing Resources, iNtext citations and a works cited page are required. What would your work environment.