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    Page history last edited by, an adult or an older child may need to help students with work that requires memorization. Such as math facts and spelling words. Homework assignments are given out on a weekly basis. Sherwood Elementary 4th Grade Homework Policy 1015 minutes per night should be spent on reviewing multiplication fast facts. But can always use your support and encouragement 230 kb 10 months ago, the homework will be returned to school the next morning in their grade homework folder. Together we will enhance your childs success through their homework. Expect your child to spend at least 20 to 30 minutes on work each day.

    Fourth grade homework policy

    Each day, math, we appreciate all that you do and for letting us teach your child this year. Learning, the students will receive homework, and math. Students will receive a list of assignments on Monday or the first day of the week with all assignments due on Friday or the last day of the week. Writing, materials necessary to complete that days homework assignment will be given to the students by the teacher. If your child is taking more than an hour each night to complete their homework. Assignments will be recorded in this agenda. Please contact your childs teacher if you have any questions or concerns.