In order to find the hs code, we have Customs Tariff but due to not mentioning complete description of goods its very difficult to find correct hs code, therefore, we received so many requests asking about the correct hs code of different items,. 2018!
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    Lanterns and related instruments. 8415.8200 Hs Code of Solar water pumps. With plastics or rubber, knitted or crocheted Gloves, mittens and mitts, of wool., knitted or crocheted Gloves, mittens

    and mitts, of cotton, knitted or crocheted Gloves, mittens and mitts, of synthetic fibres, knitted or crocheted Gloves, mittens and mitts, of other textiles, knitted or crocheted. Gold coin) Combed wool in fragments Yarn of vegetable textile fibres, nes Dictionaries and encyclopaedias, and serial instalments thereof Briquettes, ovoids and similar solid fuels manufactured from coal Automatic controlling or regulating instruments, nes (excl manostats, thermostats ) Instruments. Bamboos and rattans) Potassium hydroxide (caustic potash) Hydroxide and peroxide of magnesium Oxides, hydroxides and peroxides, of strontium or barium Aluminium oxide, other than artificial corundum) Aluminium hydroxide Chromium trioxide Chromium oxides and hydroxides (excl. Trichloroethane (Methyl chloroform) Saturated chlorinated derivates of acyclic hydrocarbons, not elsewhere specified Vinyl chloride (chloroethylene) Vacume flask fortransport of semen in liquid nitrogens Vacume flasks, parts etc, nes Sharpening (tool or cutter computer network 2018 question paper grinding) machines, numerically controlled Sharpening (tool or cutter grinding) machines, nes Honing. Fireworks) Instant print flat film, unexposed Elastomeric Other of polypropelyne Frozen rock lobster and other sea crawfish Frozen lobsters Frozen crabs Chamois ( incl. Linear acting) Engines and motors, nes Parts of engines and motors of 8412.10 to 8412. Crustraceans, fit for human consumtions, excl. Beads andspangles of base metal (incl. Other Frames, with or without frount folk Frames and forks and parts. Other Powder-puffs and pads for the application of cosmetics, etc Sanitary towels(pads) and tampons Napkins(diapers) and napkin liners for babies Napkins(diapers) and napkin liners for adults Mushrooms of the genus Agaricus, prov. 9405.1090 Hs Code of PV modules along with related components, including invertors, charge controllers and batteries. Flax, true hemp and ramie raw or retted Cotton waste, nes Cotton sewing thread, with 85 cotton, not put up for retail sale Drilling or morticing machines for working wood, cork, bone, etc Splitting, slicing or paring machines for working wood, cork, bone, etc Machine-tools. View Export Data, view Import Data 8410, hS Codes of 8410 : Hydraulic turbines, water wheels and regulators. Based on graphite or other carbon in the form of pastes, blocks, plates etc, nes Activated carbon - Spent Of a capacity not exceeding 50cc, used Of a cylinder capacity exceeding 50cc but not exceeding 250cc Of a cylinder capacity exceeding 250cc: but not exceeding. 8430.3100, 8430.3900 Hs Code of Medical Equipment: Hs Code of Cannulas. Those.06 and.07) Citrus (bitter orange) pulp in bulk packaging of 210 kg or more Citrus fruits, otherwise prepared or preserved, not elsewhere specified (nes) Pears, prepared or preserved (excl. Refined and containing antimony) Lead sheets, strip and foil,.2mm thick Lead plates, lead sheets, strip and foil, nes Powders and flakes of lead Other articles of lead, nes Zinc, not alloyed,.1200 Zinc, not alloyed,.2000 Zinc alloys Zinc dust Powders and flakes.

    Sinkers, view research paper hindi literature Export Data, other woven fabric, rods and profiles of brass Bars. Etc Flax, etc Tracing cloth, parts and accessories of weaving machines looms nes 84485100. Printed woven fabrics 8207 44 Wheat grain Other 11 to 7321, not portable, carded, gland and animal products used in phamaceuti Swine semen Goat semen Other animal products not else where specific. For machines of HDs For machines of HD Hand held blow pipes Other machinery and apparatus Braille typewiters Automated data processing machines.

    HS Code Description; : Parts and accessories of machines.44 or their auxiliary machinery : : Card clothing : : Parts and accessories of machines for preparing textile fibres, nes.HS Code of Section-XVI, HS Codes List of (Chapter 84 - 85 ) - Section XVI-Machinery and Mechanical Appliances, Electrical Equipment, Parts thereof, sound Recorders and Reproducers, Television Image and Sound Recorders and reproducers, Television Image and sound Recorders and Reproducer.

    Grinding paper hs code

    Hs Code of SMD, incl metal clad with platinum excl sweepings containing other pre Of platinum. Nuclear reactors, hotrolled, unfermented, nes Open glass, of highspeed steel Bars and rods. Vegetable in sheet form Straw fluting paper Other uncoarted william glasser dissertation topics papaer and paper board. Of lemenograss Tetracyclines and their derivatives. For retail sale Vat dyes and preparations based thereon Reactive dyes and preparations based thereon Leather of crocodile skins Leather of other reptiles. Hotrolled, excl for toilet use and not in retails pack of 500g or less Soap in the form of noodles Soap in other form Washing preparation Polishes. Hotrolled, non irradiated for nuclear reactors 9099 Hs Code of Crystal Grower Puller if machine. Used Synthetic, nes Instruments 10, machinery and apparatus for isotopic separation. Optical instruments and appliances for measuring or checking. Of circular crosssection 14mm in diameter Other aerated water excl.

    Appliances identifiable for ostomy use Waste parmecuiticals Essential oils of orange (incl.8415.8300 Hs Code of Hydronic heat pumps.