HW-101 Transceiver HW-12 Transceiver HW-12a Transceiver. 2018!
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    cord with these components not mounted to the chassis. With the capacitors removes, it is now a good time to clean the top of the HP-23A chassis. This HP-23B

    and HP-23C are variants of the HP-23A power supply and are similar except they have the following additional features: - An internal circuit breaker instead of the fuses built into the AC plug. All manuals include schematics unless otherwise noted. Fixed instead of adjustable -130VDC Bias Supply. I soldered a lug to the mounting wafer that will connect to the negative terminal for the capacitor. It is definitely a good idea to replace 50 year old electrolytic capacitors like the ones in the HP-23A Power Supply! Switch selectable low voltages of 350 or 275 VDC. Single Connection All output power is transferred to external Heathkit SB and HW series HF thickness amateur transceivers via a multiwire "Umbilical Cord" with 11 pin connectors at each end. I have done so with a yellow alligator test lead.

    Add PUB heaaa20, heathkit Model AC1 Antenna Coupler Assembly Manual. Add PUB heaad22 00, step 7 Final step of putting the HP23A Power Supply back into production. See areas circled in the picture below. It is easier to replace the Low Voltage and Fixed Bias capacitors. The next step is to perform economics final testing in order to determine any issues.

    HW - 16, transceiver HW-17 Transceiver HW-19 Transceiver HW-202 Transceiver.quality Oscilloscope, schematic only Optimizing the heathkit, hW -101.5 MB Partial manual PS-4 HV Regulated Power Supply 377.Heathkit, schematic and Manual Archive Optimizing the heathkit, hW-101, SB100-102 Transceivers, by Mark Graalman, WB8JKR, and Len.

    Part Number 00 Add PUB heahw8LKS Heathkit how long does a paper route take Model HW8 LowPower CW Transceiver Assembly Manual No Kit Steps. Up to 130VDC, price PUB HEA1, make a note of where the Phenolic and metal capacitor mounting wafers are placed. External Switching Power to HP23A can be controlled by an external Heathkit SB and HW series HF amateur transceivers or other Heathkit ham radio equipment. Adjustable Bias Voltage Adjustable, these power supplies employ four 125uF 450Volt Electrolytic Capacitors circled below. Fixed Bias Voltage 130VDC 20ma generated by a halfwave rectifier 250ma output generated by a fullwave voltage doubler via Bias Control, the original nonpolarized plug had two 4 Amp fuses contained in the housing. I relocated the fuse holder inside the chassis. See picture below, side of the AC cord, connected to the" Only one 4 Amp fuse is required. Pictured below are the 125uF 450Volt capacitors from the High Voltage and Low Voltage section removed from the HP23A chassis.

    See picture below: I replaced the 125uF 450Volt electrolytic capacitors (C1, C2, C3, and C4 in the schematic) with Cornell-Dubilier 150uF 450Volt (Manufacturer Part No:  381LX151M450K022) electrolytic capacitors.If you can't find a manual please do not contact us, all the manuals we have are online.