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    internet will most likely have answers for them. Make sure that the conditions and the requirements are clear before you make the deal. If you turn in

    a paper and you're unfamiliar with the topic, it might become obvious if your teacher wants to talk to you about it or ask you specific questions about what you meant. 5 Watch the movie. Online tutors usually work for free, and many of them will be very happy to provide top quality answers for your assignment. Participation points with no actual work. You can retain the good ideas and the order of most things, and also change up the exact wording to make it slightly different. It's still a good idea to do some research and figure out whether or not the movie is accurate. Even being good at all subjects, you may also be trapped for hours with one of those tricky questions. It's also a good idea to look for possible talking-points online before you even do the reading, so you can know what to look for and have a good idea of something to say in class. To stay extra covert, try to copy off of someone that your teacher doesn't think you're friends with. Sometimes if a certain homework assignment has been used for enough semesters for a while, the solution may be floating around on the internet. If you see opportunities to expand and make more current references, do it to bring everything together.

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