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    Silhouette machine if you have one, but cutting by hand is totally doable too. Are you ready for it? Its hard to tell in the pictures, but I found

    some really pretty pearlized paper at Hobby Lobby and used that for the lightest pink flower and the ombre aqua flower. I cant even tell you the pizzazz that these paper flowers add to my craft room and how much Im in love. My craft room got a new addition this week and Im so excited to share it with you. I love projects that reuse jars. Trace around the shapes and resize the flower petals to fit on the paper youll be using. My craft room is my happy place and these giant, colorful you flowers really reflect that feeling. Any size you want! Paper flowers are so fun to make! Please share them in great detail below. I mean, how could you not be inspired when you look up and see this?! It basically disappears in pictures but is pretty in real life. How can I make this project on Cricut? Step 5: (skip to step 6 if youre not using glitter) Brush a layer of Mod Podge onto your shapes and sprinkle them with glitter. The idea behind this unusual seatless bike comes from an interest in a more challenging ride that keeps you fitter. By leaning forward without parking your butt on a seat youll give your legs a much better workout and maintain correct posture. Heres what youll need: Supplies, glass jar with label removed, mod Podge (doesnt have to be the outdoor kind, thats just what I had already). I cant open the free files. Green Shadow Bike. Grasshopper Bicycle, contender in the 12th International Bicycle Design Competition, the Grasshopper folds up into a tiny compact bicycle, but still never really gets terribly large even unfolded. Sponge brush, tissue paper (one sheet will do!). Continue layering pieces of tissue paper until youre happy with. IziBi Folding Bike by Renato Gschwend. With an on-board computer, it helps you track your health and mileage. Paper flowers would also be adorable in a little girls bedroom and there are endless options for color combinations to match your decor style. Resize the petals on the computer if desired. Bath Bodys pumpkin because its so cute! If you are cutting leaves by hand, Google jungle leaves and print one out to use as a pattern. Tape tends to fall off with time. I went to, hobby Lobby and loaded up on cardstock in every color of the rainbow, literally. The extra open end piece over the back wheel gives you room to add an extra seat or basket. It is such a huge focal point in the room and I adore the bright colors and whimsical feel. Theyre pretty quick to make and the supplies are all really cheap! For this particular display of paper flowers, I wanted a mix of big and small flowers with tropical greenery peeking out a bit, so I planned out which colors in rainbow order would be big and small, then mixed different flower shapes so there was. Instructions for Silhouette Paper Flowers. Lay tissue paper pieces on and use the sponge brush to flatten them coat them with Mod Podge.

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    Draw your designs onto black construction paper and cut them out. You can cut through several layers of cardstock at a against time. I added glitter to make them a little fancier but its totally not necessary if you dont wanna deal with the inevitable paper mess. The velcrolike Command strips would work well. While it may not do much in terms of keeping you warm you have to imagine that any more weight over the current 26 lbs and youll need an engine. I covered the wall around my window with giant paper flowers. You can use regular weight paper. And the IziBi Folding Bike climbs its way to the top of our favorite compact items fast.

    Each snowflake is unique and so will be the ones you make!Whether it's December 24th or July 24th, these snowflakes are beautiful and quite easy to make ; all you'll need is some paper and a pair of scissors.

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    Bold and beautiful paper flowers, add a center decoration if desired. The City Bike manages to be incredibly lightweight without sacrificing strength and durability. Bike Hint for more matte great tips and information.

    They had a ton to choose from!Adjust cut settings for cardstock and send petals to be cut.