This brief video shows you how-to load paper into VX520 credit card terminal by Ve rifone. 2018!
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    merchant information available for identity verification purposes). Customer will insert (chip card swipe, or tap their card. The Main Menu screen displays. How to Void a Transaction View

    Online Tutorial A void allows you to cancel a transaction in your current (open) batch. Press the F1 key to begin a Refund transaction. If you are going to use an Internet connection, plug one end of an Ethernet cable into the terminal's Ethernet port, which may be labeled as "ETH" or "10Base-T." These cables are very common and are technically named "Cat5 cables." Plug the other end into. To void the most recent transaction, press the F1 key. Remove the old paper roll, if one is present. For assistance connecting a peripheral PIN pad to your terminal, please contact the Help Desk. There are two settlement options. Insert your paper, close the case with the black tab ensuring some excess paper hangs outside of the case. Close the paper cover. Remove the paper roll and check for any jammed paper.

    How to reload paper verifone vx520

    Press the paper purple hot key furthest to the phd right to view the Reports menu and select a report to research your sales figures. Follow, not plain paper, watch this how to video to load paper on VX520 Credit Card Terminal. When the transaction detail displays, itapos, please review the. Make sure you are using thermalsensitive paper. The closed batch is then submitted to Chase to begin the funding process. You can press F1 to confirm that this is the transaction to void. For other transaction types, the slick side is the side the thermal side. This article describes how to replace a roll of receipt paper and the type of paper you need for the following terminals.

    How to Process a Sale Transaction. Begin by pressing the second purple hot key from the left to open the. Manual Entry you can key the card number into the machine in the event that the card or terminal does not accept the other transmission methods. Select Totals Report world histor homework from text book 6.2 to print a totals summary for each card type and issuer for the transactions in your current open batch. The leading edge of the paper should be on the bottom and feed toward the screen on the terminal.

    Make sure that one end of the power cord is plugged into the adapter and then plug the other end into an indoor outlet.For instance, if you configure your terminal to perform Auto Settlement at.m., after your business has closed for the day, then every day at or after.m., any unsettled transactions in your batch will automatically be submitted for processing.