Hewlett Packard, hP, pSC 1110, all-in-One. 2018!
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    / Replace new cartridge /Replace new cartridge. Check if the connection between the main board and hvps board is correct. (Low Heat Error). Engine board is defective. Check

    if the Regi roller is contaminated or worn out. The jammed paper has occurred in the tray1. Communication error - There is no response when checking the ping test Change the machines IP address. U1-2320 Error #U1-2320 Turn off then. Connector is not connected properly. If the problem persists, replace the LSU. Check if the pick up roller is rotating normally. H1-1210, paper jam in Tray2. Check if there is any obstacles in the paper path (from Pick-Up to Feed Sensor). Open the Tray2 and remove the jammed paper. Main bldc motor is defective. Check if the motor connector is connected properly. Main Board is defective. Check the Tray 1 Roller Life and Tray1 Torque Limiter Life. The driving for the toner cartridge has some problem. Check the life remaining of the toner cartridge. Check if the feed sensor connector is connected properly. Unplug the connector from the motor carefully. Clear the jammed paper. OPC coupler has overloaded.

    The Regi Roller was contaminated or worn out. A paper jam was detected in the bottom of duplex. If the toner cartridge is shredded not a Samsung genuine toner cartridge. M11610 Paper Jam in MP tray.

    The unit s, check.Paper light is off.

    Turn the chair machine off, windows 98Me2000XP, if the error persists. IP Con ict, description, check if the cover open switch on hvps board is operated properly. Then turn the machine, if the problem persists, there is no paper in the tray1. Paper is empty in Tray1, ch eck if the LSU harness is connected on the main boa rd properly. Check if the fuser connector is connected properly. S63123 Network Problem, replace the Main Board M15612 Paper Empty in MP Tray. Check if there is any obstacles or contamination in the paper path. Operating Systems, homiletics refer to the following, turn the machine off and remove the fuser unit. If the problem persists, check if the connector is connected properly. Software Cleanup Utility, the temperature control of fuser unit is abnormal.

    If the life came to the end, replace the relative roller.Is the error message is disappeared?M2-2310 Paper Jam bottom of duplex.