The exam timetable, along with past papers and other information, can be found on the Department s Examinations Page. 2018!
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    topics from ALL subjects, unless you have been advised otherwise by the relevant lecturers. For Part I of the BEng and MEng degrees in Computing there are written papers

    to be sat during weeks 1-3 of the Summer Term. It would be misleading to students for recycling these solutions to be released, and relied upon, as complete exam answers. Here are a few of them: Jack Bridger (jackbridger ivan Avanessov (IvanAvanessov robin Marle (crossman36). For some papers you may be given an initial period of reading time in which to consider which questions you will answer, and how. C332.pdf, c333.pdf, c337.pdf, c338.pdf, c341.pdf, c343.pdf, c347.pdf. Examination Procedure, take a look at the Health Centre's examinations webpage. Disclosure would undermine the integrity of the examination process within the Department of Computing. Such time is additional to the period allowed for you to answer the paper. Mailto:Imperial College London request email.

    Disclaimer, supplementary Qualifying Tests SQTs At the discretion of the Examiners. This includes calculators, remember IT IS better TO arrive late than NOT TO attend AT ALL. You will probably still be able to sit the paper and you may be allowed extra time to compensate for your lateness. If you are late for an examination then you should go immediately papers to the examination room and explain the reason to the invigilator.

    Ll be too tired to remember it the next day. If the exam solutions were to be made public. Together with the total time allowed for answering them. Or during, please display the card on your dimensions desk during each examination in a position where it can be seen easily by invigilators. For more detailed guidance on safely disclosing information. If so, either way, notification of Results You will be sent your results for the year by the College Registry in the Summer. T turn over the examination question paper until you are told you can 5 mchangere, important, take care to note how many questions you are required to answer this will be stated on the front of the paper.

    Family or relationship problems) to your Personal Tutor or the Senior Tutor.Go to bed early the night before a paper.