Buying a WWE wrestling belt can be expensive. 2018!
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    of the belt to cut out. 4, get the metal plate you will use as a face plate (see Part II). You will need to attach velcro to attach

    your belt later on so you will need excess length on your leather. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Upload a picture for other readers to see. Pick up the stencil. 3, write down your measurements before you buy your leather. 2, measure your waist and hips. Question How much does it cost? 2, obtain a piece of scrap leather. You will need to buy a round or oval brass plate from a hardware store. It is difficult to cut and requires some strength. These are relatively inexpensive. 9 Cut out the shape of your faceplate out of cardboard. If not, you can use hot glue or sew. A drill Industrial velcro 2 Lay out the leather belt, face. That might work though make sure it's the right length. 4 Place your stencil over manufacturers your faceplate. Once you are done cutting out any shapes or letters, make sure your cut lines are smooth without any small uneven pieces of cardboard along the edges. Don't proceed with attaching the faceplate to the belt until it is entirely dry.

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    Use your measuring clinical tape, you could buy all of these materials from a craft or fabric store for around 20 25 dollars. Question Where do I buy the metal plates. Set the faceplate to dry in an area where it wonapos. Use a box cutter or xacto knife to cut out any letters or symbols from your template. Get spray paint in your desired colors for your face plate. You will use this to trace your belt onto the leather.

    Make sure you hold the faceplate down with make wwe belt out paper one hand while you are screwing it into the leather to hold it in place. You will now attach the faceplate to the leather. Walmart, for this part of the belt.