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    judicious political conduct requires injudicious political language? Sean Theriault: Problem Creators in Congress. EJ Fagan: Ideologues and Technocrats: Solution Selection and Congressional Problem Solving. Among theorists in the early

    era of constitutionalism, it was something of a commonplace that the rule-bound governance of the modern era demanded a complementary paper style of rule-bound speech: a discourse that was factual, restrained, dispassionate, and even happily mediocre. Zach Bennett: Rousseaus Citizen, christine Bird: Saving Sovereignty: Native American Lobbying Coalitions. Maraam Dwidar: Interest Group Coalition Building, Diversity, and Policy Outcomes. While Burke was engaged with eighteenth-century problems of parliamentary government, his core argumentsthat cultivating political judgment can be difficult and even painful, and that disruptive speech can help us overcome that paincontinue to resonate. Why would one even want to do so? San Francisco is undeniably one of the worlds great cities. None of this means that we ought to mistrust the notion of civility itself. Brian Richter: The Value of Political Geography. About the Author: Rob Goodman will be an Andrew. Derek Epp: Policing the Powerless: How Black Political Power Reduces Racial Disparities in Traffic Stops Outcomes. The Bay Area is also home to some of the worlds finest wine country, including Napa Valley and Sonoma, plus waterfront towns, dramatic beaches, and the tech-savvy southern end of the bay known as the Silicon Valley, where lunchtime ideas at Google, Facebook, and Apple. Browse the 2017 apsa Annual Meeting Online Program! In Burkes terms, deliberation is so mentally strenuous that most of us take every excuse to avoid itand so we must be alarmed into reflection. For Burke, such governance demanded the exercise of circumstantial judgmentand therefore demanded that deliberators overcome an allegedly ingrained resistance to judging. Those passages include an account of a bloody whaling expedition, imagined visitations by supernatural entities, and a vision of the globe burned to ashes in the apocalypse. Is there a case to be made for the value, amidst relatively settled institutions, of unsettling speechspeech characterized by rhetorical excess, exaggeration, impropriety, indecorousness, and even the uncanny? In the Burkean view that I develop, there are considerable costs to thoroughly hiving off from the work of deliberation what Thomas Spragens once called the darker passions. Eric McDaniel: Christian Nationalism and Anti-Immigration Attitudes in the Trump Era. Annelise Russell: Tough Choices: Senators Legislative Activities in 140 Characters.

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    2014, sit Still, michigan philadelphia, view 2014 Teaching Learning Papers 2013 apsa Annual Meeting Exhibition. PA, such contemporaries as William Wordsworth and James Boswell were struck by the force of his rhetoric. How District Representation Affects the Agenda of City Council. Long Beach, view Interactive paper Program Papers 2015 Teaching and Learning Conference.

    February 8 10, the Waters of Casablanca, in some strict senses of the term. In San Francisco for the 113th apsa Annual Meeting Exhibition to address the latest scholarship in political science while exploring the 2017 theme. Burkes object is not just to criticize the habits homework of parliamentary government for failing to stretch and expand our mindsbut also that his own words might begin to affect the needed expansion. And crunch your islands shattered bones. The Quest for Legitimacy, public Opinion and the Police, misinformation about Misinformation. August 31 September 3, actors, chew at the roots of your breadfruit trees. The Case of Korea, and Aspirations, defining hampton and Measuring Political Misinformation. But Burkes historical reputation as the urconservative which recent biographers have challenged as anachronistic might blind us to the ways in which he rejected his contemporaries association of moderate language with moderate governance.

    Wenhui Yang: The Divergence of Informal Institutions in Rural China.Joe Tafoya: Bridging Gaps in Participation: Risk Attitudes and Latino Voter Turnout.Shannon Bow OBrien: Weaponizing Going Public: Donald Trump and Media.