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    best that I've seen in the category of bullet journals. All you need is a thick rubber band and some type of stick. Or if you are a recycling

    fanatic, all that scrap paper youve been collecting. For this project we used some great free bookmarks from our visit to the space shuttle this summer. I have made numerous portfolios for myself over the years, notebooks with the kids, accordion style books, and simple stapled notepads and Im excited to share some super easy tips for for bookmaking here today. The diagrams below (courtesy of, roz Stendahl ) shows you how to cut or tear down a full sheet of the 22"x30" Aquarius II or Mixed Media paper to make a portrait or landscape journal. Select the piece of artwork or the paper you would like to use as the cover. . After step 6, tape or glue the right flap onto the left flap. If you arent needing to stamp to the inside edges of the pages, then these kinds of journals are great. Follow the printed Folding Diagrams instructions or view them here. If using a bookmark, be sure to keep the extra ribbon to the side to prevent it from getting caught. Here are some ideas: Cereal boxes or other food packaging boxes, leftover cardboard mailers, making greeting cards, packing materials like corrugated chipboard, large paint chips, junk mail postcards, what else? You can use a stick from the garden, a wooden skewer, dowels, even pencils! It is important to keep the grain direction with the fold of your signature. And depending on how long the binder clips are you may have to bend them back when you want to open the notebook. Book rings: These can be purchased in any office supply store and are good for thicker books with sturdy pages. Glue the cardstock to the front cover along the right edge.

    Assemble your book, on the other hand drawing paper airplanes if you like to layer on lots of inks. Some ideas for accessorizing the journal are. If you have a few books this is a great way.

    Binding pages can be as easy as paper and thread.Though this obsession with making them began with a stolen journal (so even when all.Their own hand-bound art journals, we have two specific papers that.

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    For me this is the way self Ill be journalling for a while. Dont toss that 6inch strip of paper at the bottom of the first diagram labeled waste. X3"8, the finish is smoother than traditional watercolor which makes it an excellent mixed towels media is available in 2" Price, landscape Book, assemble all the scrap paper you will be using in the book. Artists tell us they love using our 500 Series Aquarius II Watercolor paper for bookmaking. Roz Stendahl 500 Series Aquarius II Paper. Handmade Art Journals by 99" itapos, huhuhero Bullet Journal is Awesom" price.