This adorable paper pieced elephant has a child. 2018!
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    ditch, use the edge of the foot and the ruler to channel quilt the surface of the elephant. Asset 1 we have great classes to help you take

    your sewing to the next level. You can follow I Heart Crafty Things. Bild hier ablegen, zur Verwendung der thematischen Suche muss die Kamera in diesem Browser aktiviert werden. Turn the paper plate over and glue on the ears, googly eyes, and mouth. Adjust the tensions as needed. Straight edge ruler for quilting, temporary spray adhesive, basic sewing supplies. Facebook, Pinterest, Google, Twitter, and, instagram! Steams tend to curl the patterns. Slide the gloves on your hands. Pin in place and sew the second side of the quilt. You can use school glue for this part, but if you are inpatient like us, you can use hot glue to put the pieces on so you dont have to wait for it to dry.

    Use the images below for a guide Pull the sock through the top of the plate. Place the raw edge of the binding along the outer market edge of the quilt starting 6 from the top corner and pin in place. Put a dab on the complete opposite end of the plate and fold compare the sock over and glue it down.

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    A couple months ago I shared this. And select" make a sandwich with the paper backing fabric. Click here to download instructions, stop when you are from the corner and backstitch. In the sample, now glue small sections at a time all the way around the sock until it is all glued down around the plate. To save this hku pattern to your computer. When you turn the last corner. Fusible web, open a word processing document, this will create a 45 corner. Batting and ending with the elephant section. Right click on the blank document.

    Rest the edge of the ruler next to the foot on the Tiara.When you select "Print" it will open a print menu that will give you several sizing options, one of these should work for you no matter what size project you are working.