My research focuses on the behavior and ecology of non-human primates, including how primates balance cooperation and competition in their breeding strategies. 2018!
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    as well as in the process of aging. Starting date : January 2019, duration : 36 months. Towards this goal the PhD-candidate will perform behavioral experiments employing operant conditioning

    and investigate the activation of the auditory system with electrophysiologic audiometry. The Institute for Auditory Neuroscience InnerEarLab offers a stimulating multidisciplinary research paper london bow romper and training environment and operates state of the art research infrastructure. Selbständige, gründliche und strukturierte Arbeitsweise und freundliches Auftreten. Zu Ihren Aufgaben zählen: Verwaltungsaufgaben im Management des internationalen wissenschaftlichen Personals, Dienstreisen und Reisekostenabrechnungen, internationale Gastwissenschaftler, organisatorische Unterstützung von Wissenschafts- und Fortbildungsveranstaltungen, Drittmittelbewirtschaftung, Beschaffungsmaßnahmen, Terminverwaltung, Korrespondenz in deutscher und englischer Sprache, das Erstellen von Arztbriefen und Operationsberichten. Pangrsic., Nat Neurosci 2010; Helfmann.,. Combining molecular, ultrastructural and physiological approaches) and international research team is an essential prerequisite. The group is interested in the molecular mechanism of hair cell exocytosis with a focus on the function and regulation of otoferlin, which is defective in a form of human deafness (e.g. The salary is according to TV-L (65). As part of the Center for System Neuroscience (CSN) and the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience (bccn) we offer a stimulating, multi-disciplinary research environment with a strong background in both, experimental and computational neuroscience. Competence in virus production (AAV) will be useful. Please submit your application preferably in one single PDF-document, including cover letter, CV, list of publications, names of possible referees, and relevant certificates to: until September 30th, 2018. Applicants with disabilities and equal qualifications will be given preferential treatment. The application should also include a cover letter, CV, list of publications (if applicable two reference letters, a letter of motivation and relevant certificates. Fax:, e-Mail: Travel and application fees cannot be refunded or transferred. Ihre Bewerbung richten Sie bitte an: Prof. Hence, this project will focus on developmental aspects of presynaptogenesis in auditory hair cells and aims to identify the key molecules, as well as the underlying cellular processes that determine paper ghost meaning the functional maturation and presynaptic plasticity of this high-throughput synapse. Income will be equivalent to E13.

    We use molecular manipulation and electrophysiology to elucidate the function of inner hair cells. Phenotyping is done as a team effort using state of the art electrophysiology pre andor postsynaptic patchclamp. List of publications if applicable names of possible referees. Mathematics, computational phd neuroscience or a related field and a keen interest in neurobiology and systems neuroscience. A statement of research experiences and interests and the names and contact information of at least two referees. Including cover letter, phd applicants should have a strong background in physics.

    In addition, I examine how animals mitigate the costs of temperature extremes through behavior and the use of microhabitats.Job offer within InnerEarLab.PhD -student position in electrical and optogenetic stimulation of the cochlea in primates, the, cognitive, hearing in, primates junior research group affiliated with the German.

    Located in the InnerEarLab of the Dept. We focus on extracellular recordings paper towns gifs from primate cortex and human psychophysics. Ellen Reisinger and is financed by the German Research Foundation DFG within the collaborative research consortium SFB 889. Project, active zone clearance and vesicle replenishment.

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    Thus, previous experience in with electrophysiological experiments and/or a completed course on animal experimentation (felasa B) will be helpful.Multidomain-scaffold proteins of the active zone (AZ) are thought to govern the topographical organization of vesicular release sites and Ca2 channels at the active zone and, thereby, to critically determine stimulussecretion coupling.We plan to address this question at auditory calyceal synapses that serve the demands of high frequency transmission and offer great experimental access to presynaptic mechanisms.