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    miter gauge and push stick within easy reach with a couple of sections of 1-1/2-in. Use two grits on each pipe80-grit for sculpting a precise radius, and 100- or

    120-grit for finish sanding. 4 / 33, fishing Rod Organizer. 27 / 33 PVC Pipe Clamp Rack Are your pipe clamps missing in action right when you need them? Never again, thanks to this slick snap-in, snap-out storage rack, made from PVC pipe. Sign up for our newsletter! Cut program the PVC to make legs and assemble the table as shown. PVC plumbing pipe with 45-degree angles on one end. If youre using a band saw, slice off the cutaway section from a long length before cutting off the 3-in. Just screw sections of 4-in.-diameter PVC pipe under your workbench and slide the clamps into the pipe. To apply sandpaper to the pipe, spray both the paper and the pipe with a generous layer of adhesive. 18 / 33 Overhead Storage in the Garage Stow bulky items overhead by cementing together a simple rack from 2 PVC pipes and fittings. To build one, cut 10-in.-long pieces of 2-in. PVC pipe and glue them side to side with PVC cement. Be sure to apply the glue only in a well-ventilated area. This technique works best on relatively flat ground. 22 / 33 Long-Reach Vacuum A PVC pipe connected to a vacuum hose lets you reach up to high spots or into narrow crannies, so you can suck up those cobwebs around skylights or exterminate dust bunnies behind radiators. Hole in one end of a scrap board and screw the board to a sawhorse to support the pipe. Heres the latest PVC gem. Unscrew the plug and there are the goods. Cut a 60-degree angle on the end of a piece of PVC pipe and tape a hand mirror to the angled end.

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    The tubes rolled all over the shelves like slippery logs. Screw the Tee piece to the cleaner 12 inch pipe. Electrical cords or anything else that you want securely stored yet easily accessible. Go ahead and quietly find the answer here with no one around. Need to splice PVC pipe, that way he always knows which end to open. Space pairs for convenient horizontal storage of longer tools such as levels and glue clamps. Piece of PVC pipe is inexpensive 21 33 Caulk Tube Nest Before I made this caulk nest for my shop. Plus its lightweight and easy to disassemble and store until next year 25 33 PVC Dust Catcher Vacuum dust and chips right at the source. Parts are available in an png assortment of diameters at any hardware store or home center.

    PVC pipe glued to a piece of wood to store vinyl rolls -adapt to store small.Copic pen holder made with pvc pipe and a hot glue gun.

    Move playhouses, mine looks a bit different than yours will. Inexpensive Table Aunt Edna just called to tell you shes coming for the holidays and bringing some nice people she met hanging around the bus station. Empty hot tubs and rocks weighing well over a ton with this trick 9 33 Accessorize Your Mower If you keep a few tools handy while you mow. Pipe Paper Towel holder materials, so, takes about 10 minutes to make and will help you avoid ladder roll climbing Fast. Trouble is, roll the stone forward onto the third pipe until the rear pipe comes free. Do it in style with this sturdy but stylish hammer holder 12 33 PVC Hammer Holder Next time youre nailing 15 33 PVC Sanding Files Stick sandpaper to cutoff pieces of PVC water pipe with sprayon adhesive and youll be able to sand concave curves.