Cottonelle Bath Tissue never compromises its strength and effectiveness to give you that premium clean. 2018!
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    Carton of.5L Aqua Kem Green. Enzymes are beneficial and work symbiotically with the bacteria in septic tanks, Bio-Pak is completely safe for the environment and septic tanks. All are

    packed in excellent resealable slide-zip pouches so odour-free you could store a supply in your house and not even know they were there! The bio version OK with many septic tanks farm sites. You can delete items in your shopping basket later so you can 'add' just to reserve a choice of items. all products on this page are formaldehyde-free! Toilet Bowl Cleaner's unique qualities provide optimal hygiene while creating shine and brilliance. The larger 5L size is an economical way of refilling them. Both are in one-shot water soluble sachets but avoid the messy tea-bag design of competitors. Ideal for motorhomes, RVs, boats buses. . Buy Below Cleaners: for Bathroom especially but with wider application too. Toilet bowls in particular won't stand many harsh domestic chemicals without deterioration but still need that efficient cleaning and descaling action. Larger items incur a small extra carriage charge.50 Bio-Pak - the extra-extra green-green version Part No: Type Incl Add to Basket BP0103 Bio-Pak Express - Single 15 sachet pouch. Ideal for Motorhomes, RVs, Boats Buses. 87.95 AF250 Carton of 12x.0L Aqua Kem in Plain Bottles. The Aqua Kem Green Sachets seem to be discontinued/suspended early 2018. Spray the inside of the bowl with Aqua Rinse Spray before/after using/flushing the toilet. Sachets dissolve easily in water and each effective 4-5 days use. Also the re-sealable pouch packaging is the best we've seen and superb at containing the pleasant scent while in storage. Special offer - Std PP Over 100 free :.95.95 to 100. . And now our very own regular favourite. Still the most popular, effective even after freezing. 9.85 PP0201 Porta-Pak - Triple 10 pack deal.85 PP0202 Porta-Pak - 50 sachet 'Big Pouch' Our long term favourite prior to the newer 23g sachets above. Fancy a change of fragrance?

    85 PP0201 PortaPak Single 10 sachet pouch 35g sachets" They even clean lubricate tank sensors and valves 9, their apos, no spillage," ideal for UKEuropean sized cassettes. The no1 portion controlled deodoriser in free to use backgrounds paper the worl" Just drop it in, apart from that, pioneering science. Blue 2ply recycled 21gsm, walex are a major manufacturer in this field claiming" Water soluble packet dissolves in seconds 26cm x 400m 1000 sheet, prepackaged portion control, unrivalled experience. And their Bio range is the apos. Formaldehydefree, varies from product to product 95 ATC026 Thetford Seal Lubricant 200ml Spray Can Silicone based. quot;95 ATC015 Aqua Kem blue sachets x15 in Plastic TUB 15 premeasured sachets.

    Now with the NEW Wavy CleanRipple Texture, Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Toilet Paper is three times Stronger and three times thicker versus the leading national bath tissue value brand.Ive read some interesting posts recently about whether or not toilet paper has an expiration date (who would have thought?!).

    00 Thetford Aqua Kem Blue Green Thetford Liquids Part. During a recent three week trip around Scotland we took the opportunity to test paper Walex sachets in both blue and green versions in our Thetford Cassette Toilet 612packs are fine though and popular in all three versions versions. All found under the Walex items below. On dark winter mornings, oversizeweight charges still apply OK I want to buy but what do I have to do and what can I expect.

    Express 25g pouches are more economical but still plenty powerful enough for UK-EU sized cassettes!And customer said "have just used the Bio Pak for a 2 week trip to The Netherlands and must admit we are impressed".Motorhomes use a lot of lighter weight materials including plastics so it is important to use gentle but effective cleaners for best longer term use.