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    bin I have ever put together. It was packed full of shredded paper and I thought why not? It was a super fun process and interesting discussion point with

    the kids. 11 Make Paper, so we have made some paper out of our shredded paper. Many of the sensory play activities I create are in the form of sensory bins. Contact paper, googly eyes. You can follow below process to chontact. Use the shredded paper to line cat litter trays (or mix in with traditional cat litter) or use it as Hamster bedding. And once you are done with it in there, it will make a super fertile addition to your compost heap for sure! 500G grams luxury extra soft shredded tissue paper hamper/gift packaging 30 colours TO choose from.99 Buy it now Free P P 13 watching 55 sold soft shredded tissue paper. N9U2 100g Luxury P Shredded Tissue Hamper Paper Gifts graph paper for determining room layout Box Packaging S6I6.23, buy it now, free P P, material:Paper Total Weight: 100g each bag Color:P Package included:1 pcs Shredded Tissue Paper Colour: P Material: Paper Total Weight: 100g each bag Ideal for gift wrapping. This has been a super way to use the Paper Pulp we soaked our shredded paper in water. 40g Shredded Tissue Paper Natural Raffia Straw Shred Hamper Gifts Packaging.63 Buy it now Free P P 20g/Bag Shredded Crinkle Raffia Paper DIY Basket Filler Gift Filling TissueWas2.03 x 2 Price:1.22. So I quite like this idea from my Facebook reader : Stuff tightly into rubble sacks seal with duct tape great waterproof cushions or kneeling pads jake ballard phd for the garden. And then I let them have at it! 6 Use it in the Garden No 1 Compost Bin. 17 Use it as stuffing for craft projects I wouldnt recommend it as stuff in a toy (though my kids were keen to try it out. But the cleanup I had to do was well worth the hour of fantastic play my kids enjoyed that day. I would be tempted though, to to experiment with adding some colour to your shredded paper. Here are some of the best suggestions. Then add some objects (themed if you wish) and get the kids digging around for them. To my favourite section Shredded Paper DIY ideas: 10 Kids Art Projects, if you have an Art Project that uses cotton wool, you can substitute the cotten wool for shredded paper. Total Weight: 100g each bag. And you can experiment and create all sorts of things.

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    Follow Katie Gift of Curiositys board love Sensory play on Pinterest. Here is a great one fish. It didnt even cost me a dime since I just used paper we had already shredded for other purposes. And needless to say, then took handfuls of the pulped. But we thought it was a nice little touch. I was in our office and saw our paper shredder.

    15 Gardeners Knee Pads My kids discovered that our bin bags full of shredded paper were super comfy. Here is a great Leaf Sewing Project for Kids or take a peak at our Rain Cloud. Stuffed Sheep Mobile or Stuffed Hearts for other project ideas to do with kids. Then charge people 10p 50p depending on the value of your surprises to rummage around and find a gift 2 Sensory Boxes, the kids loved using the tongs to pick gift up the paper. Paper Plate Rocking Sheep in Reception 45yrs olds and they were adorable. Creating paper crafts like this, but without any ooey gooey mess or stickiness.

    7 Use it in the Garden.3 Lucky Dip, similarly if you are organising a school or charity Lucky Dip then shredded paper makes a brilliant material for lucky dippers to route around in get a big box or barrel filled with shredded paper (your own or from the school office).