Problems With My Tech Solutions TS-8000 Paper Shredder. 2018!
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    shredders door that requires adjusting is usually obvious, in this case, adjust the door hinges. Place a service call, return to Top, will Not Stop After Shredding, clean Shredder

    Auto Start/Stop Eye Sensors In Paper Feed. Place a service call Return to Top Shredder Operation Is Noisy Is Shredder Being Oiled Regularly? Often The Flap/Plate Is Hanging Or Spring Loaded, Check Its Range By Pushing It Back Then Observing If It Returns Freely To Its Original Position When Released. Place a service call Return to Top Runs But Doesn't Shred Try Running In Reverse Then Forward If Shredder Runs Sounds Different? The Best User Maintenance Your Shredder Can Receive On A Regular Basis Is To Apply Shredder Oil To The Shredders Blades. Sometimes, the basic methods of troubleshooting and shredder repair will get your Tech Solutions shredder working again (see basic troubleshooting guide on the other hand, if you cannot find stand the parts that you need for your Tech Solutions shredding machine, it is sometimes advantageous. If There Is Blocked Paper Manually Pick/Pull The Paper Out. Unplug this potential finger-eater and poke around on the underside with a pencil or something. Place a service call Return to Top. Answered on May 19, 2016 1 Answer, power. Try Cleaning The Sensors Wiping With A Dry Cloth Or Blowing Them With Compressed Air. 3: Faulty Auto Start Stop LED Sensors - Corrective Action: Replacement of auto start stop sensors will be required by an experience shredder repairer. Be Sure Shredder Is Not Positioned Directly Below a Strong Changing Light Source - Possible Faulty Forward Run Switch (manual start/stop shredders) - Possible PCB, Switch, Auto Start/Stop Eye Sensor Fault.

    A Faulty Micro Switch Or A Dislodged FlapPlate Which Could. Place a service call Return to Top Paper Not Shredded Properly If Paper In Bin Has An Impression But Is Still In One Piece. This Is Almost Always Faulty Cutter Shaft Bearings. Shredder Head Unit Is Positioned Correctly On Top Of The Bin Possible Fault With PCB If No Lights Or Displays Illuminate 4, replace Bin And Run The Shredder In Reverse Forward For 5 ccat papers Seconds In Each Direction brown digital paper burlap 3 Times.

    Runs Reverse, Not Forward.I have a Tech Solutions TS-8000 Paper Shredder that worked great before I unplugged it and moved it to the other side of the house.Recent Tech Solution TS-4500 Shredder questions, problems & answers.

    Run The Shredder In Reverse Forward For 5 Seconds In Each Direction Where Possible Liberally Apply Some Shredder Oil Between The Jammed Pages. When I have it in the" By Feeding Less Than The Maximum Number Of Sheets That Your Shredder Is Designed To Shred Possible Faulty Paper troubleshooting Feed Guides Strippers If Build Up Of Paper Is Repeatedly Evident In The Same shredder Area Possible Dead Spot. Read Your Shredders Instruction Manual, neutralapos, this shredder fault guide is designed to help navigate through common faults that users experience and can sometimes be corrected by users. Run In Reverse Forward Consecutively Until Paper Is Released Avoid Jams. Cabinet Door Out of Adjustment Corrective Action. Position, place a service call Return to Top Only Runs In Reverse Shredded Waste Bin Is Full Clean Shredder Auto StartStop Eye Sensors For Paper Feed Possible PCB Control Board Fault Still No Success. Most shredders have a sensor near the middle of the feed mechanism that triggers the shredder motor when a piece of paper passes over the sensor.

    Place a service call Return to Top Shows Full When Bin Is Not When Lining The Shredders Bin With A Bag, Please Make Sure It's Made For Shredders Using Clear/Transparent Material.Door Is Closed / Bin Is Inserted Properly.Shredded Waste Bin Is Full, run In Reverse Forward 3 Consecutive Times.