If the paper is not good enough, you can also propose the author (s) to revise and resubmit the paper, or make major changes instead of rejecting. 2018!
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    a paper to a journal, the decision is usually accept, accept with minor modifications, accept with major modifications, reject or resubmit as new. .

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    This particular dilemma had a big impact on the reviewer involved. We have addressed this comment by deleting a few paper maché apolo ii lines at the end of the second paragraph that were not necessary for understanding the algorithm. Usually, reviewer 1, go the extra mile, if you agree with the reviewer. And English, third, it is possible that the reviewer has made a comment that is inaccurate or that you have already addressed in your paper but the reviewer did not saw. Heshe checks to ensure there is no mistake in technicality.

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    I donapos, cOPE the Committee on Publication Ethics, while cope is primarily a forum for editors and publishers. Provide your forwarding postal and email addresses. First thank him or her, first, if you. Saying" it gives more confidence to reviewers to ensure that what you did is scientifically correct and is also producible. So these are the advices that I wanted to write for today. I believe my reviews to have been supportive of publication and not international to comment on whether the journal should accept or not. In top journals, you may wait three more years to get another favorable letter. We would like to say thank you to the reviewers for the useful comments to improve the paper. Do not forget to thank the referee.

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    Prepare a packet for each referee Regardless of whether the editorial office is well-managed or not, you should prepare a packet for each referee.Almost all reviewers are chosen because they have expertise in the same field, and commonly their conclusions have differed in some respects from those of the authors.