Thank you for filing a bug against the Paper theme, however pleas e try and provide the following information while doing so: the gnome/GTK. 2018!
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    To Use Smartphones Like Weather Conky In Linux. CD command and move the terminal from the user home directory it started at into the newly cloned paper-gtk-theme folder. Download

    Paper package icon themes, download Paper GTK themes, using Paper themes and icons. Here is what Paper theme looks like. Sign up, you cant perform that action at this time. Instead, if youre looking to make this theme available for one user on the system, youll need to follow the traditional installation procedures, then move the files to the right place manually. The new flat, minimalist approach became a design trend and Paper brings the same look to desktop Linux. A lot of times running make install without sudo privileges will install everything for a single user inside of /.themes instead. Git clone t, downloading all of the Paper themes source code may take a bit of time depending on your internet speed. Git clone t Move the terminal into the paper-icon-theme folder with the CD command. One of the best implementations out there is the Paper GTK theme. In the terminal, run the make command. Since I am using, elementary OS Freya these days, here are some of the screenshots of how Paper theme and icons look like in Elementary OS Freya. Ubuntu, for Ubuntu and related distros, there's a daily builds PPA, which provides frequent updates unable of changes, bug fixes and additions. The first step to building Paper from source is to install all of its dependencies. Paper GTK icon theme No GTK theme is complete without an icon theme. You may download the latest version of Paper directly as a Debian archive. To start building Paper, open up a terminal and use the Git command to download the latest source code to your Linux. Download, you can donate to support these projects or make a pledge. If you did use it, do share the screenshot of your desktop with rest of us here. Ubuntu sudo apt install gtk2-engines-murrine gtk2-engines-pixbuf git autoconf. Other Linuxes, in this tutorial we focus primarily on the most popular Linux distributions (like Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, etc.) however that doesnt mean Paper wont work on other. As I said previously, you wont get the updates automatically this way. Install Paper theme in Ubuntu based distributions via PPA. Arch Linux sudo pacman -S gtk-engine-murrine gtk-engines git autoconf. Like Paper GTK, the icon theme needs to be built. This script will scan your Linux PC, determine if youve got all the correct libraries to start the build process, and generate the necessary files.

    Unable to locate package paper-gtk-theme

    Elementary OS Freya, first, elementary OS Luna, just like the GTK theme. CD into usrlocalshareicons cd usrlocalshareicons Next. Ubuntu, install the icon theme into usrshareicons. Specifically 04, youll use it to install the code. Icons folder in, run to generate the configure file and makefile. Sam has a dedicated PPA for installing Paper violence in sports thesis statement icons and theme for Ubuntu based distributions. However, sudo make install Install For Single User The Paper GTK theme builds and installs to the Root file system. Youll need to move the files manually.

    Contribute to snwh/paper-gtk-theme development by creating an account on GitHub.E: Unable to locate package paper-gtk-theme in ubuntu.04 default.

    Inside of the Paper GTK source code folder. Repeat this process for as many users as desired. The developer of the Paper GTK theme also has an icon theme to unable to locate package paper-gtk-theme use.

    Mkdir -p /.icons Lastly, use mv to install the icon theme.Arch Linux, some lovely folks in the Arch community are maintaining Arch User Repository package(s) that provide both the Paper icons and GTK theme.