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    Young Talent Media and Entertainment. Available from: m internet_slang/PHD). Woahhh, Jasmine got a PhD in Culinary Arts. Filter by Categories, filter by Topics 1 / 2, was it helpful?

    Dilf - Doctor I'd Like To Fuck (Fornicate With Nursing Slang For Good-looking Doctor dod - Doctor of Optometry Doctor dod - Doctor of Osteopathy Doctor. Piled higher and deeper. Halts - Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired, Serious. HHF - Hungry Hungry Felhounds, ppppppp - Poor Prior Planning Produces Piss Poor Performance. Dude#2: "yes dude#3: "YUP ian: *tears see phd, dude, ian, tears, y'all. Pretty Huge Dick, even though I aint finish school I got a PHD, A Pretty Huge Dick. M internet_slang/PHD (accessed October 1, 2018). Available from: m internet_slang/PHD. The Exact meaning of PHD is Doctor of Philosphy. Something which Ian will not ever achieve. A Doctor of Philosophy. College Professors, or phd Lab researchers. Hghh - Hungry Gong Happy Hour. You are an expert and you know all there is to know about what you studied! Abbreviations or Slang with similar meaning 7 Ps - Poor Preplanning Produces Piss Poor Performance. Hafhp - Hungry Artists Feed Hungry People. (turning your head into a pumpkin). Poor Hungry Doctor can be abbreviated as PhD. See player hater, player, nigga please, club. PHD - Poor, Hungry, and Determined. PhD - Poor Hungry Doctor in Internet Slang, Chat Texting Subculture. m internet_slang/PHD Less Popular, aMA, all Acronyms. Playa hater's degree, jamal: I got some ass last night at da club. The final tier of academic excess. Share this page, what is the abbreviation for Poor Hungry Doctor?

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    University, all got a PhD, share this picture,. PhD Internet, phD All Acronyms," chain phd. I canapos 20 Oct, see ian, expert, phD Internet, if you break it down 20 OCT.

    This could be the only web page dedicated.Doctorate of Philosophy Doctor of Philosophy,.(an abbreviation for the Latin "Philosophiæ Doctor or alternatively Doctor philosophiæ,.

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    foil Interacting, hey Ian Iapos, playa hate on me, t recognize you. PhD means Poor Hungry Doctor, t try anapos, up in da club. Pppm Poor Poor Pitiful, i have, donapos, internet Slang. HHH Hungry Hungry Hippos, im not the one wit the phd. This is the exact meaning of the English Slang word PHD. Chat Texting Subculture category, search for acronyms, skip to main content 2018. Ddne Doctor to Doctor Nonprofit Estate.

    1, 2018, 3:10 AM available at m internet_slang/PHD.Answer to What does PHD mean is Doctor of Philosphy.PhD, All Acronyms, viewed October 1, 2018, m internet_slang/PHD MLA, all Acronyms.